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If you need a violin, viola or cello, Sienna S’Zell of Gobbi St Strings has you covered.
Gobbi St Strings is a local business in Ukiah, CA renting violins, violas, and cellos to schools and individuals in the area. See website ( for photos from the rental studio, as well as rates and contracts.

About Sienna

violinist, owner of Gobbi St Strings, USM instructor

Sienna has performed for many years with local orchestras, as solo violinist and chamber music player. Past history includes street musician on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley and solo wedding violinist with The Lodge at Blue Lakes.

She is available for private lessons, music gigs, subbing as strings class teacher, and has an instrument rental business in Ukiah, Gobbi St Strings.

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call: (707) 467-9611
text: (707) 380-9343

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