Instructors listed alphabetically by last name

Pierre Archain – Upright Bass
Rosella Susan Byers – Voice, Beginning Piano
Matt Cameron – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin
Olivia Consterdine – Piano
Michael Coughenour – Piano
Ethan Gander – Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass
Tom Ganoung – Piano, Keyboards, Composition
Jackson Ivy – Saxophone

Cynthia Lang – Violin, Viola
Clovice Lewis – Cello, Composition
Jonathan Van Pelt – Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Percussion
Dan Williamson – Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Voice

Instructor TBA – Band Instruments (flute, clarinet, etc)

Pierre Archain

Upright Bass

Pierre Archain has over 40 years of experience playing, recording, and teaching upright bass. After immigrating to the US in 1980, he lived and performed in the Bay Area for 37 years, and recently relocated to Ukiah, CA. He has studied and performed many different styles of music including Jazz, Rock, Classical, Afro-Cuban, and Rockabilly among others.

Lessons focus on knowledge and care of the instrument, playing posture, bowing techniques, pizzicato, exploring different genres of music, and more. For advanced students, lessons cover harmony and the relationship of the bass in band playing. Pierre also offers an introduction to amplification, miking, and pickup configuration. All students are encouraged to bring their own instrument.

Rosella Susan Byers

Voice, Beginning Piano

Rosella has always loved to sing and is on a life-long journey exploring this most amazing instrument, the human voice. As a local director of the Princeton-based Music Together program, singing with babies and toddlers has validated her conviction that we are all born to sing!

She is trained in many styles including classical, jazz, musical theater, a cappella, blues, rock, folk, and early music. A passionate student of flamenco dance for over twenty years, Rosella has also studied flamenco singing in Spain.

Rosella’s goal is to help each person find their own unique, natural, and authentic vocal expression based on solid technique, accurate intonation, and musical delight in the process. She has helped people who thought they were tone deaf learn to better sing in pitch, and works with children as young as six for private voice/music lessons. She also teaches beginning piano.

Matt Cameron

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin

Matt Cameron is a senior partner and has taught at the Ukiah School of Music for over 27 years. Currently a member of the Take 4 Jazz Quartet, Matt has played with local bands including Tension, Midnight Rose, and Gigantic, as well as the Mendocino College Jazz Ensemble. He has directed the after-school guitar program at Ukiah High School, as well as taught for the Rock Band program at Pomolita Middle School

Matt’s approach is to teach and encourage the love of music.  He accomplishes this through a balance of technique, sight reading, music theory, ear training, and improvisation.  He wants his students to fully understand the intricacies and nuances of both their instrument, and the piece they are playing.  Matt encourages his students to explore and appreciate all genres of music.  

When Matt is not teaching he enjoys spending time in his recording studio, and has produced recordings for his students as well as some local artists.

Olivia Consterdine


Olivia has been teaching piano at the Ukiah School of Music since 2015. Her goal as a teacher is to share her passion for music with her students, and help them build their own practice. She has worked with students from ages 4 to 70, from those who are learning piano for the first time, to students with several years of playing experience.

Olivia began her studies in piano at age eight at the Ukiah School of Music with Tom Ganoung, and later studied cello at USM with Clovice Lewis. She has continued to study music and play in ensembles at Mendocino College and the University of California Santa Barbara, while working on her degrees in art and mathematics. Whether you’re interested in learning the basics of music, or have a specific project in mind, Olivia is excited to see what can be accomplished through practice and collaboration!

Since March 2020, Olivia has been holding lesson in online format only.

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Michael Coughenour


Michael Coughenour has been teaching piano in Ukiah since 1982 and was a member of the California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT) for many years. He was a student of San Francisco Symphony pianist Willem Van Overeem. He is a founding member of Ukiah School of Music. His solo piano compositions may be heard on two CDs titled “Laughter in the River” and “Redwood Aire”. Formerly, he was co-owner of Ukiah Music Center. 

Michael has a YouTube channel filled with beautiful original piano music that includes stunning nature photography together with his live piano performances. Featured music includes original, classical, jazz, rock, new age, improvisations, video game, movie, and instructional videos. As a piano teacher of many years, there will also be a category for student pieces in the playlist that will feature many popular teaching pieces.

@veganpianist on YouTube

Ethan Gander

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass

Ethan Gander is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer from Northern California. Navigating with ease between genres and instruments, his goal is to create music that resonates with his listeners. As a teacher since 2015, Ethan has helped countless kids and adults develop their own musical passions.

Ethan began piano lessons at age four with USM’s Michael Coughenour. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in solo and ensemble performance, various instruments, composition, production, and of course, teaching. Ethan is focused on using his skillset to make music come alive for his students and listeners.

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Tom Ganoung

Piano, Keyboards, Composition

Tom Ganoung earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition from Kalamazoo College. He has given piano instruction since 1988, and in 1993 co-founded the Ukiah School of Music. He offers both online and in-person lessons. Tom has performed for 28 years at the Professional Pianists Concerts in Mendocino County and for 6 years at the Soper Reese Theatre Pianist Benefit Concerts in Lake County. Several video performances are available on YouTube.

Tom created the Allegro Scholarship Program in 2000 which provides tuition assistance scholarships for gifted and talented musicians in financial need. He has released several CDs of his own compositions and a holiday CD. Tom very much enjoys playing Jazz, performs as a solo artist at area venues, private events, receptions and has been performing with Take 4 Jazz Quartet for six years.

Jackson Ivy


I love music and I love teaching. I’ve played saxophone since middle school, studying both in California and in Texas. I always carry the student as the highest priority and do my best to ensure they take as much as possible from my lessons. I’m continually inspired by the legacy of my late relative Roland Nielson (former Ukiah High band director), and I hope I can perpetuate his positive musical influence.

Cynthia Lang

Violin, Viola

Cynthia Lang began piano and violin lessons at 7. She has taught private violin since she was 17. Cynthia later graduated from WMU with a Bachelor of Music degree in violin and composition. She then got her Masters degree at Vienna School of Music and the Dramatic Arts. At this time, she was principal 2nd violin in the Haydn Sinfonietta Wien, with whom she traveled extensively throughout Europe. After Vienna, she went to University of Maryland for her doctorate. Here she also studied how to teach violin with the Suzuki method.

After her doctorate, she taught at University of Nevada for 10 years. Later, she taught violin, viola, and composition at University of Tulsa. Upon retiring in 2018, she decided to devote the rest of her life to teaching.

Cynthia now lives in Ukiah and plays locally and in the Bay Area. She is thrilled to be teaching at Ukiah School of Music! 🎶

Clovice Lewis

Cello, Composition

Clovice Lewis, who composed his first symphony at the age of 17, has written numerous works ranging from ensemble to electronic and orchestral pieces. He graduated from the prestigious College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1978 with a BA degree in Music Theory and Composition. Clovice studied composition with Aaron Copeland, Peter Fricker, Thea Musgrave, and Gordon Crosse. His cello teachers included Peter Preston, Peter Rejto, and Geoffrey Rutkowski.

He began teaching as a freshman at UCSB, and upon completion of his studies, accepted a position as an Associate Professor of Computer Music from 1978-1985. During the past 40 years, the music Lewis has composed has been performed by orchestras around the United States. You can visit for an extensive online catalog of Clovice’s music. Also visit for Clovice’s newest musical called “Harlem Voices.”

Jonathan Van Pelt

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Percussion

An instructor at the Ukiah School of Music since 2009, Jonathan specializes in many areas, including small groups, vocal ensembles and bands, music theory, ear training, and sight reading. Jonathan’s approach to teaching music has a strong focus on the individual student, fostering their strengths and abilities. He encourages his students to play music regularly with other musicians, in addition to daily personal practice.

Jonathan is a graduate of Mendocino College’s Music Theory program and earned a California teaching credential in Music and Performing Arts in 2015.  Beginning in 2011, Jonathan helped create an after school music program at Potter Valley Jr./Sr. High School, and became a full-time teacher at the school for four years. In addition, Jonathan has led music programs at Redwood Academy in Ukiah, as well as Willits Charter School.

He is currently teaching music full time at Ukiah School of Music, in addition to working on his piano compositions and other original music.

Dan Williamson

Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Voice

Dan Williamson joined the team at the Ukiah School of Music in June 2013. He grew up in Ukiah and has been performing and teaching music since his early teens. He has appeared with groups including the Mendocino College Big Band and Lake County Symphony, as well as performed alongside fellow local talent like Robben Ford, Blue Haze, Country Butter, Ed Rinehart, Les Boek, David Raitt, Will Seagull, David Neft, and Easy Andrews.

Dan is passionate about teaching drums, piano, guitar and voice in ways that are inspiring and fun. Students can be confident that their music lessons will develop their skills and enjoyment of music far beyond their present level. Beginners to advanced are welcome.

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