Allegro Scholarship Program

Thomas R. Ganoung,

The Allegro Scholarship Program was established in February of 2000 to provide instruction fee assistance for gifted and talented music students in financial need.

The student candidate must be referred by her/his instructor who will send a letter of recommendation to the director (315 Avenue A, Lakeport CA 95453). Once the referral is received, evaluated, and approved, the student’s family must complete an application to verify the need for financial assistance. A grant for assistance qualifies the student for a six-month period and is subject to a review of the student’s progress. A grant is limited by the funding available and its continuation is at the director’s discretion.

Each scholarship recipient is requested to provide service to Allegro while receiving support from the program. This may take the form of assisting with fundraising, enlisting new sponsors, providing clerical support, or performing other program support functions.

If you are interested in supporting the Allegro Scholarship Program, please view our most recent newsletter below:

View Allegro Scholarship students performing solo and with the Allegro-supported Lake County Youth Orchestra. The presentation includes piano & violin solos and some duet work as well as 3 orchestral pieces including Libertango and Take 5. Recorded May 2021. 

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