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Michael Coughenour

 Michael Coughenour has been teaching piano in Ukiah since 1982 and is a member of the California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT). He was a student of San Francisco Symphony pianist Willem Van Overeem. He is a founding member of Ukiah School of Music. His solo piano compositions may be heard on two CDs titled "Laughter in the River" and "Redwood Aire". Formerly, he was co-owner of Ukiah Music Center.  His students take part every year in various CAPMT adjudicated programs. There are both competitive and non-competitive events available for students who are interested.
333 North Oak Street  Ukiah, Ca 95482  (707) 462-4094

Michael is also a certified piano tuner, and has been tuning for many years. He is a graduate of The San Francisco School of Piano Tuning.

Michael has a YouTube channel filled with beautiful original piano music with stunning nature photography together with his live piano performances. Featuring a full spectrum of music, including original, classical, jazz, rock, new age, improvisations, video game, movie, and instructional videos. As a piano teacher of many years there will also be a category for student pieces in the playlist that will feature many popular teaching pieces.

email: mcukiah@sbcglobal.net

phone (707) 462-4031
Ukiah School of Music ~ 333 N. Oak Street ~ Ukiah, CA 95482 ~ 707-462-4094